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Social6 is a boutique team dedicated to designing Marketing solutions that help companies and individuals create and grow their digital brands and create revenue.

They are  passionate about the evolving worlds of Marketing, content and social media, and are excited by helping brands and individuals figure out where they need to go and helping them get there.

social6 website

Social6 is a custom designed WordPress site, mobile responsive and user friendly.

Tiffany from Social6 came to me when she wanted a complete overhaul of her website. It needed to be modern, clean and aesthetically pleasing, while presenting the idea of ‘blue sky thinking’. Together we developed a new website to suit her requirements.

This project included:

  • Design & development of WordPress website with a specific look and feel as required by the client


“I procrastinated about refreshing my business website for nearly a year before I met Ado. Within days of our first conversation she had gently and capably organised me into focusing on manageable pieces of work to make progress: site structure, content, images and SEO. Ado was creative and imaginative when I became stuck or changed my mind, she was perpetually responsive to questions and updates, endlessly patient when I had writer’s block about content and incredibly fast at pulling the entire site together. She de-mystifies more complex areas (like SEO) easily and quickly, shares her tips and tricks on WordPress and brings years of best practices to bear in her work. Best of all, for my small business, she was competitively priced. I could hardly believe what I was seeing when I saw the new site – in five weeks she had completely internalised my brief and pinpointed what I wanted the world to see.

All this and we’ve never even met in person! If you ever need a web designer, make it as easy as can be and contact Ado”


TIFFANY EGAN, Principal & Founder of Social6

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