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SHARP by name | SHARP by nature

Definition of ‘SHARP’ : Sharp suggests an acute, sensitive, alert, penetrating quality: a sharp mind. Having clear form and detail. Vigilant + alert. Marked as keenness and accuracy of perception. 


My name is Ado Sharp. My website design career began in 1994 when I started working for an internet marketing company in Bowral.

Those were the days when websites were built in html code, which gave me a solid grounding in how web pages are built. Thank goodness for progress!!

Since then I have continually retrained and upskilled my abilities to keep up with the ever changing world of web design. I have been working  freelance since 2000, running my business from New Zealand, Gerringong and now the Noosa Hinterland.

Life is good.

My aim

Fast, friendly and efficient. I don’t have time to waste your time and money! I am a one woman business, so I’m not going to pretend I can deliver every website bell & whistle out there. What I strive to do is deliver awesome & affordable websites, that effectively promote your business, while giving you a great customer experience. I have a network of friends I work in conjunction with for graphic design, social media and technical support, to give you the best result for your website.

How I work

In 2015 I started using WordPress, and I’ve never looked back. I can use a pre-designed theme out of the box, and customise it to suit…. but I still prefer to custom design websites to suit my clients style and create something unique. I use search engine optimisation techniques as I build the pages, to gain good ranking on google. Once launched, I can either hand over the finished product to you, or continue doing updates and maintenance as required (most people choose this option).

Enough of the reading?
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