| Kate Jennings

Kate Jennings is a Professional Organiser & Clutter Coach based in Sydney.

Kate helps people along the emotional road of sorting through their belongings to live life with less ‘stuff’, so there is more space for expansion and growth in all areas of life.  She helps transform clients homes into oases of calm that truly reflect their personal style.

kate jennings website

Kate Jennings is a responsive WordPress Blog site, custom designed to reflect Kate’s personal style.

Kate Jennings and I have worked together on other projects for many years. When she wanted to started her own new business, she came to me to help get her started.


  • Custom designed WordPress site
  • Connected on multiple Social Media platforms
  • Mobile responsive and user friendly on all devices
  • Included training on how to use CMS so Kate can create Blog Posts herself and other minor changes as required.


” I have worked with Sharp Design for a number of years through various web platforms including HTML, Typo 3 and Word Press. I love working with Ado as she is so easy to work with and is also so personable.

Ado has a unique ability to communicate fluently via telephone and email, which makes discussing design ideas so easy. She makes the techie side easy to understand and has an amazing grasp of so many platforms.

I could not recommend her more!”

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